Our main motto is rendering good services.

our services include the following,


  • Helping in shortlisting of universities based on the profile.
  • providing free counselling.
  • follow- up with the universities for application status.
  • preparation of visa documents.
  • Mock visa interviews.
  • After visa approval, tracking passport courier..
  • Pre - departure briefing and culture training.
  • competitive priced- Foreign Exchange.
Employment and resident breifing.

Galaxy vision provides apt services right from enrollment of the students with our firm to his departure to the other country. Every minute detail will be taken care by us.

Dear sir,

The content is as follows.

Anyone who studied in Indian schools and colleges will vouch for the fact that Indian education system churn out more Engineers, Doctors an M.B.A's in comparision to any other country in the world.

But why do we have to opt for overseas education? Overseas education offers you a unique oppurtunity to grow academically, professionally and personally while going on a once in a lifetime adventure.Apart from benefits you have numerous challenges.

Benefits of foreign eucation are:


  • Experience a foreign culture.
  • Improve your language skills.
  • Explore new heritage.
  • ecome more Inepaendent.
  • Manage your own finances.
  • Learn new form of currency.
  • Increase your employment prospects.
  • Network for your future.

The purpose of foreign education is not to land up a job to make a living but holistic development of inividuals..

overseas education in particular focuses more on individual interest , learning ability and aptitudes towards any vocations. Internal experience is recognised as a critical asset for prospective employees. The performance measurement and grading system in foreign countries encourages blooming of individual talents in diverse fields annd not restrict them to mere classrooms. This approach is more practical. Moreover you may find that international programs can provide the real expertise you desire in your education.