Study Abroad

Indian students are always enterprising. With their keenness to explore new frontiers, they have embraced 'Overseas Education' strongly. Especially in the past decade, the number of Indian students going abroad to study has increased tremendously.

It will be exciting to note that India has sent the largest number of students to the USA, even during 2007-08, which makes this seventh year in a row. We have been sending the largest number of students from 2001-02 onwards. 94,563 students from India went to the USA during 2007-08.

To UK, India has sent 23,835 students in 2007-08, which is only second to China.

For Australia, 63,604 Indian students went during 2007, which again is next only to China.

In other words, India is in the top two positions in sending its students to top destinations the world over.

What do they get out of an opportunity like this? Well there are, actually, many advantages that the Indian youth perceive in a foreign school experience.

There could be hundreds of reasons why a student would want to Study Abroad and we have listed some of the most important ones here


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